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Microsoft and Meta Strengthen AI Partnership on Azure and Windows

Microsoft and Meta Strengthen AI Partnership on Azure and Windows

July 21, 2023

 Windows takes a significant leap forward as the ultimate platform for developers to create tailored AI experiences for their customers with the inclusion of Llama 2 models. This development further solidifies Windows' position by providing access to world-class tools like Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), Windows Terminal, Microsoft Visual Studio, and VS Code.


Llama 2 marks the newest addition to the expanding Azure AI model catalog, which is currently in public preview. This catalog serves as a central hub for foundational AI models, enabling developers and machine learning (ML) professionals to easily discover, evaluate, customize, and deploy pre-built large AI models at scale.


One of the significant advantages of using the model catalog is that it removes the burden of managing infrastructure dependencies when operationalizing Llama 2. The platform offers seamless support for model fine-tuning and evaluation, leveraging powerful optimization techniques such as DeepSpeed and ONNX Runtime to drastically improve the speed of model fine-tuning.


Windows developers can now harness the potential of Llama 2 by building new and innovative experiences accessible via GitHub Repo. With Windows Subsystem for Linux and high-performance GPUs, developers can fine-tune LLMs (Large Language Models) to precisely meet their specific requirements right on their Windows PCs.


Microsoft's commitment to responsible AI is evident through their partnership with Meta and their approach to AI innovation. With Azure AI, customers can confidently build and utilize Llama 2, conducting experiments and measurements to mitigate potential risks associated with large language models. Azure AI Content Safety further enhances the safety aspect of AI apps, providing an additional layer of protection for a safer online experience.


Today's expansion of the model catalog with Llama 2 and the collaboration with Meta represents a significant stride towards an open and responsible approach to AI, ensuring customers have access to cutting-edge AI technologies with a focus on safety and reliability.




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