Is the way of searching on the Internet will change after AI interfered?

Is the way of searching on the Internet will change after AI interfered?

February 28, 2023


Each one of us has been undoubtedly aware of the fact that a revolution is about to happen in the way we search for online information in view of the fact that AI is growing swiftly nowadays.

As a consequence, Google and Microsoft recently announced the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) into their search engines.

To find out how they work, and their impact in our lives, we asked the most suitable source Chat GBT to give us a concrete answer.


Chat GBT admits that he is facing a challenge on the part of Google's dominance in this field to overcome it.

"Artificial intelligence already changes the way we are looking for, and it will continue to do so in the future, and a copy of the conversation robot will help running the Bing search engine from Microsoft”.

To be more accurate, "Google is the most used search engine and is known for providing precise and highly relevant results" since "Depending on my training data (dating back to the period before 2021), Google is the most common search engine," added Chat GBT.

Microsoft hopes to be of service to an improved version of the artificial intelligence technology, which has been used by 100 million people from the time of its launch, at the heart of the table on its competitors.

And seeing that the training has been subjected to Chat GBT for more than two years, according to his confession, we came to a decision about referring to a few human experts to recognize why this technology is very revolutionary.



March 10, 2023

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