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Twitter will remove accounts that link to other Social Media

Twitter will remove accounts that link to other Social Media

December 28, 2022

Twitter announced Sunday that it would not allow its users to promote their accounts on other social media, including Facebook and Instagram, but it seemed as if Elon Musk, the new owner of the blue site, had retracted hours after this new policy.

This sudden decision is the latest in a series of controversial changes imposed by Musk since his acquisition of Twitter in late October, prompting users to ask their followers to browse their posts on other sites.

And it came to Musk to put his future in the company to a vote, as he tweeted, “Should I step down from my position as president of Twitter?”, Asking users to participate with a yes or no.

He added, "I will abide by the results of this poll," as the voting process continued until the early hours of Monday morning.

Earlier, Twitter announced in a statement that the company "will no longer allow free promotion to certain social media platforms."

"At the level of the tweet as well as the account, we will remove any free promotion of third-party social media platforms that we have blocked, such as posting links (using URLs) on Twitter," the statement added.

For example, users will be prevented from posting "Follow me on Instagram" with the account link added.

Twitter indicated that violators will face, for the first time, procedures "ranging from demanding the deletion of one or more tweets, to closing the account or accounts temporarily."

"Any subsequent violations will result in permanent suspension" of the account, he added.

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey questioned this new policy by posting a one-word tweet: "Why?"

After suspending some high-profile accounts under the new policy, such as that of technology investor Paul Graham, Musk later clarified that this policy would be limited to "suspending accounts only when the primary purpose of this account is to promote competitors."

"From now on there will be a vote on major policy changes. My apologies, this will not happen again," he wrote.


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