How to Make Money on Instagram

How to Make Money on Instagram

September 12, 2022

In the midst of the many updates that Instagram is working on, with the fierce competition that it is experiencing these days with the “B-Real” application, the most popular platform is studying a new way in which creators can make money by publishing long videos.

In details, the platform is studying an internal prototype of “gifts” as tools for this feature, especially after the “Meta” company expanded a similar feature on Facebook called “Stars to Reels.”


Umm Wal via the app

The "Gifts" tool is set to allow fans to send payments to creators via Reels, the short video feature.

In turn, a Meta spokesperson clarified in an email that these gifts are currently an internal prototype and are not being tested externally, according to Insider.

Gifts allow fans to purchase while the creator is live on the app.

The badges also come in different price levels ranging from $1 to $5, stressing that Meta will not take any portion of the revenue that creators earn from badges until 2024, according to an announcement from Mark Zuckerberg earlier this year.


Appeared and disappeared

It is noteworthy that Instagram has announced new tools to earn money for creators during the last period.

While many monetization features did appear, they later came back and disappeared.

With Meta approaching the expiration date of its $1 billion pledge to pay creators through 2022, the next few months could paint a clearer picture of what monetizing creators will look like on Instagram, too.


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