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Cubix ERP

In a world where business has become a major force and automated transactions are taking over labor-intensive, Softimpact has designed Cubix ERP, a complete Enterprise Resource Planning solution to satisfy horizontal needs of your company. Cubix ERP is a Business Software especially designed to meet business requirements of Enterprises, Medium and Small Business Companies. Based on the best business practices built over the year, our experience is still growing and our clients in multiple countries around the MENA testify successful stories.

With Cubix ERP, decision making has become flexible wherever you are in the world, by consolidating and standardizing processes, improving efficiency, providing visibility across your organization and helping to simplify conformity.

User-friendly, secured and scalable, Cubix ERP introduces the new generation of Business Software using refined programming tools. Modular and fully integrated with Stock Management and Accounting modules, Cubix ERP can be customized to each company’s individual business needs. Cubix ERP incorporates data and processes of your organization into one single system by sharing centralized databases and considers in parallel the capacity to integrate third party applications coming from multiple sources and environments.

Softimpact takes the role of your consulting firm and assists your company in gathering requirements, locating a package and implements the solution to make sure your business initiatives are effective and efficient and most important keep a high effectiveness of your Return on Investment (ROI).

General Features

General Features

• SQL 2005 /2008 Server: One of the most performing database engines that
  enables secured data storage and the possibility to backup & restore the system
  without having to exit the program.
• Multi Company: The system holds an unlimited number of companies that can
  work simultaneously. Consolidated statements, trial balances and balance
  sheets may be issued.
• Multi User: The program allows for an unlimited number of concurrent users
   the access of the same files simultaneously.
• User Intuitive: Cubix ERP has been graphically designed by professionals that
   has given a user friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) as effective as intuitive.
• Client/Server: This architecture is used in order to interconnect programs that
   are distributed across different locations. It is faster for maintenance and
• Easy Customization: The system has tunable rules and policies and can be
  customized by any user who has the right to do so.
• Secure: Due to the use of the SQL as a database server, transactions cannot be
  accessed on the level of row data.
• Report generator: Each user has the possibility to create reports and has the
  option to preview, export or print the content of that report.

Finance & Inventory Management

Finance & Inventory Management

Cubix ERP handles financial operations in a simple way. Managing your general ledger, your payables and receivables, the aging of your company, have all become an easy task. No more complication, no more forgotten collections or payments: your accounting department will have a better harmony.

Successful inventory management involved balancing the costs of inventory with the benefits of inventory. Many small business owners fails to appreciate fully the true cost of carrying inventory which include not only direct cost of storage, insurance, charges and taxes, but also the cost of money tied up in the inventory.

Cubix ERP offers another flexible solution that covers most horizontal needs of companies that have trading activities.

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