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Importing Videos and Episodes with Metadata from KWIKmotion to TheWALL 360

Importing Videos and Episodes with Metadata from KWIKmotion to TheWALL 360

October 16, 2023

Content creators and media professionals are constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline their workflows and save time. A groundbreaking development in this space is the new feature that enables the import of videos and episodes, complete with their titles, descriptions, tags, and images, from KWIKmotion directly into TheWALL 360. This feature promises to revolutionize content management processes and elevate the way media content is organized and shared.


KWIKmotion and TheWALL 360 are two prominent platforms in the media and entertainment industry. KWIKmotion is known for its user-friendly interface and powerful video management capabilities, while TheWALL 360 is a comprehensive content management system used by media agencies, broadcasters, and production houses. The integration of these two platforms opens up new horizons for content creators.


The ability to import videos and episodes with accompanying metadata from KWIKmotion to TheWALL 360 is a game-changer. It streamlines content management by significantly reducing manual data entry and content organization efforts. With this integration, media professionals can easily import titles, descriptions, tags, and images, ensuring that their content is richly documented and instantly accessible.


Say goodbye to manual data entry and enjoy a seamless workflow that saves you time and ensures accuracy. Experience the convenience of automatic chapter import and enhance your video browsing experience on TheWALL 360 platform. Simply browser KWIKmotion for your full episode, select it and BOOM, all chapters of the episode are imported in one click to TheWALL 360.


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