Softimpact leads once again with LBCI’s newly designed and developed website!

Softimpact leads once again with LBCI’s newly designed and developed website!

February 27, 2023

 What’s NEW on LBCI website?
As an OTT/news website, it’s important to have a carefully thought about accurate UI/UX design.
When it comes to design, the overall content layout and structure comes first on Softimpact’s list. LBCI website is very rich in content which makes it a must to arrange the content in a perfectly organized system. 
User Experience Design (UED) and User-Centered Design (UCD) played a crucial role in creating LBCI’s user-friendly and successful website by focusing on the needs and wants of the end user. 
Softimpact has considered all aspects of the user's interaction with LBCI’s website, such as usability, accessibility, and pleasure of use. We also took into consideration the user in the design process to ensure that the final website meets their needs and goals.
After doing the research and testing needed, Softimpact designers worked on achieving the goal of LBCI’s website, which includes increasing VOD subscribers by working on the aesthetics of the page. 
To make the website more appealing, our experienced UI/UX designers included ample spaces on the website to give the impression that LBCI website is straightforward and more readable. 
Softimpact team worked on two consistent typographies to mix and match between the dramatic serif font used only in titles and the geometric modern font used in subtitles and body text.
LBCI newly designed and developed website considerably enhances the reader’s experience, delivering a constant stream of news, features, opinion, and polls. Softimpact has worked on a bilingual website with one simple click, the user is smoothly redirected to the chosen language (Arabic/English). And the best part is, the user get to choose in which mode he wants to see the website, dark or light!
LBCI choses THEWALL360 CMS to manage their website based on 4 of many factors:
-   User-Friendly platform
-   Highly Expandable
-   Design Freedom (Drag and Drop)
-   Powerful Add-ons and features 
TheWALL360 provides LBCI website with OTT, E-publishing, and E-commerce services. The platform is designed to seamlessly publish to the website, app, and other content platforms at the same time, offering maximum flexibility to share and monetize LBCI content on any platform. New features are being introduced to TheWall360 CMS platform to make any website results-driven.

Softimpact developers worked hard to maintain the website functionality and security by using latest technology and design trends to improve the website performance and speed which affect the SEO and website visibility on Google. 
Also, Softimpact developers used the latest techniques to improve user engagement and increasing VOD subscribers, hence increasing revenues. 
With a mission to make LBCI’s new website faster, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly, the team managed to thoroughly test and optimize the website to launch it online smoothly and error-free.  
Check it out here:


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