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Softimpact announces the launch of a unified data platform Maestro BADGE for managing and organizing events!

Softimpact announces the launch of a unified data platform Maestro BADGE for managing and organizing events!

September 29, 2022

Maestro Badge, is the leading Saudi company that has been established by experts in the field of entertainment since 2002 - to provide solutions and services with best procedures that serve each event in a practical and professional manner.


Maestro Badge has expanded and developed its services package to suit the size of the sector and its needs, and their services and expertise are available and extended to Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.


Softimpact has designed and developed a new easy to use and well-structured platform for Maestro Badge admins in order to organize all the events and meet the organizers need and provide a bundle of services that suit their effectiveness and their work team alike.


The platform developed by Softimpact includes a bundle of features that can help the organizers making their life simpler when it comes to managing the team and invitees and controlling access to private and public event areas in a specific way.


Multiple events, simultaneously

Run accreditation for multiple events simultaneously, each event having its own configuration.


Fully scalable

For simple or complex events with multiple venues, complex zoning and privileges. Set limits to keep control over your event.


Create categories

Create categories for e.g. crew, press or VIP guests, with pre-configured privileges.


Dashboard analytics

Your dashboard gives you real-time analytics on your accreditation process.


Application form wizard

Collect specific data based on the category a person is applying in, based on your needs.


Advanced customization

Customize your badges with your event identity in a very easy and simple way using the drag and drop feature.



Easy to use with unlimited features

1.    Set up your account right away and start using the premium options

2.    Create different categories or multiple domains, privileges and levels effectively and practically

3.    Extremely easy printing, modern verification and seamless permit tracking



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