Softimpact activated Lebanese Concept House & Lebanese She online presence on all social media platforms!

Softimpact activated Lebanese Concept House & Lebanese She online presence on all social media platforms!

January 10, 2022

Lebanese Concept House is a prestigious Lebanese store aiming to help producers, artisans, traders and providers display their handmade products and benefit from a great marketing tool as they reach a wide range of consumers from Lebanon and abroad.

With physical stores in ABC Dbayeh – Level 1 and ABC Ashrafieh – Level 2, Lebanese Concept House is known as the place to go for handmade, artisanal goods for your home and life. And while the in-person experience is nothing you can recreate online, Lebanese Concept House’s social media platforms are a great Plan B if getting yourself to the store isn’t feasible.

Softimpact is helping Lebanese Concept House by creating a digital experience that uses stunning photography, theatric videos, and expert storytelling which means that selling the product becomes that much easier.

You can find handmade products like blow glasses, pottery items, crystal glasses, babouches, bags, pouches, women clothes, and much more all 100% Lebanese handmade with love!

From images that appear as you scroll to a brand story that gives you a fun history lesson about Lebanese culture’s love of coffee, everything about Lebanese Concept House page feels new and hip.

One of the Lebanese designers featured on Lebanese Concept House is the brand Lebanese She, which also has a social media platform handled by Softimpact team.

Lebanese She is a well-established Lebanese brand in the Middle East, offering a wide range of luxurious products from Embroidered Abaya to Printed Shirts, to Handmade Bags/babouches, and many more.


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