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Softimpact transformed Murex Environmental Int. ideas into a functional platform

Softimpact transformed Murex Environmental Int. ideas into a functional platform

July 19, 2023

Softimpact has signed an agreement with Murex Environmental in USA to design and develop its new platform which will allow them to simplify their Projects and Resources management and track expenses of their firm.

Softimpact has accomplished and deployed a new web application that provides Murex Environmental with its expertise and state-of-the-art system. This new application will simplify, organize and speed up the process for all Murex Environmental projects.

Murex Environmental new web application can help them exchange information internally and externally with consultants on the field, capture and store all the necessary data and show results to users. Murex Environmental employees can collaborate on projects and work on shared documents with this user-friendly web applications. They can create reports, files, and share information from anywhere and with any device.
A custom-designed ERP software solution developed exclusively for Murex Environmental with an unwavering commitment to excellence, our ERP software empowers Murex Environmental to efficiently manage and optimize their business processes, driving productivity, cost-effectiveness, and sustainable growth. 

Here are some of the features of the web application:
  • Profiles: The admin can easily create profiles for the employees, vendors and clients.
  • Projects: The admin can create new projects, search for old ones and manage the estimated budget for each project all in one place.
  • Lists: In the lists section there are several criteria including: expenses, activities, location, currency, and much more.
  • Utilities: The admin can import/export data directly from the system as an excel file.
  • Reports: The admin can discover performance metrics for projects, profits, and people at a moment's notice.
To sum up, Murex Environmental web application is designed and developed to keep their projects on track, budgets in line, and staff organized & efficient.
Murex Environmental, provides environmental consulting services to a wide range of clients and industries. They are a client-focused business employing engineers and scientists in pursuit of solutions and site closures for their industrial, legal, and developer clients. Utilizing a broad market sector insights and combined design, engineering, and management services, Murex works in partnership with the clients to develop tailored solutions to their environmental challenges. They strive to exceed expectations in terms of schedule, budget, and quality by thoughtfully executing projects cost-effectively.


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