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TheWALL 360 | Introducing E-Commerce for retailers and products

TheWALL 360 | Introducing E-Commerce for retailers and products

July 23, 2020

Over the past year, Softimpact team have been hard at work designing and developing a new platform, TheWALL360. Since then, we have made so many updates and added a lot of improved features to ensure your 100% satisfaction. We would like to share a new feature with you, and cover the benefits of the update.


1.       Full Section for E-Commerce websites:




• Build and manage your store

• Organize your products by creating a hierarchy of categories that resemble a tree structure

• Select multiple design templates for products and categories sections

• Add unlimited media objects per product like Photos, Videos, and more

• Attach catalogue and many other files to the product (PDF, DOCX, XLSX …)

• Link your products to an external link

• Redirect your products to an external link

• Products and Variants lets you group similar products and allow multiple purchasable variants

• Specify your product attributes and values. The value can be numerical or alphabetical

• Profiling per attribute value (i.e. specific brand profiling and details for a product)


Main matrix management per item for

• Color

• Size

• Expiry date

• Season


• Dynamic unlimited Product Add-ons like Wrapping, Cards, chocolate, etc...

• Keep your product page focused on the product and consistent with your brand

• Priority of Items visibility based on any of the above dimension and geo-location

• Allow your customers to filter products based on selected combination of created attributes

• Advanced SEO metataging to help Google scan and index your website



Recently Viewed Items

Newly Posted Items

Top Seller Items

Number of views on the products referred from social networks and BSS feeds

Recommended Items (Related Items)

Matching Items (Complimentary Items)


• A wish list/mark as favorites to allow your visitors save a list of products so that they can easily find them next time they visit your site




• Your visitors can collect items in the basket and order them online

• The Add to Cart or request a quotation buttons are prominently displayed beside the product image

• One order, to multiple recipients and multiple destinations

• Subscriptions to allow customers sign-up and keep track of order status

• Have an option to change the quantity or remove items from their cart

• Managing your visitor’s orders and their account information

• The ability to create orders from TheWALL 360 CMS and push them to member’s basket to be completed on the frontend

• Custom Check-out Flows to give your customers the greatest sense of your store

• Auto in-stock control


Shipping and Delivery:


Integration with Multiple Shipping companies via APIs and item calculation based on volume and weight versus destination.


Delivery Exclusions:

• Define holidays

• Excluded dates from delivery dates

• Per item delivery dates


Payment Gateway:

Tight Integration with Multiple Payment Gateways to help you manage your products alongside the rest of your website’s content

• Payment Gateways Profiling:

• With different charges

• Multiple Currencies setup

• Based on Geo-location restrictions

• Per Payment Gateway "Terms and Conditions" Setup

• Automatic payment gateway filtering according to the user selected currency and/or

• Cash on delivery



Unlimited currency profiling with their rates history. Once you enable this feature, a currency switcher will display in your store allowing your customers to choose among the currencies you have set up.




Send customized emails to your visitors upon performing specific operations in an email book.


On-Store Sale:


Store-wide and/or per item discount capabilities based on date boundaries.

Adding coupon discount codes to your website.


Breadcrumb navigation:


Help your visitors to easily browse through product categories. You can include it right below the main navigation bar.




Let your customers share their favorite products on their social media platforms.

Consumer reviews / ratings on products.




TheWALL 360 CMS dashboard will allow you to:

• Monitor all ecommerce sales metrics in a summarized way

• Monitor Committed and not executed orders

• Monitor Instock metrics on the website

Will be customized to meet your specific business needs


Order Management:


• Generate a list and get notified when items reach Minimum Quantity

• Custom Order Fields to track whatever order information you need

• Order Management to classify your in-progress, completed and custom orders statuses

• Online stock control to track all items added


Integration with any ERP:


• Ability to integration with any ERP that has APIS or open database


Integration can be done on these bases:

• Sync Stock Items with their media and Meta data to website with conditions

• Manage Instock for Items

• Sync financially committed orders on the website back to ERP


Import Excel Sheet:


Bulk import products with their media and metadata from an excel sheet.

Bulk products modification with collection per items or categories.


Multi-lingual Platform with Geo-location driven


Loyalty / Rewards program


2.       E-Commerce Reporting:

• Sales executive report summary

• Detailed sales summary

• Sales summary by items


Your feedback is very important to us. If you are not a “TheWALL 360” surfer, we advise you to join the club very soon. Many new interesting feature are coming soon!


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