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Softimpact designed and developed You Consult new mobile application!

Softimpact designed and developed You Consult new mobile application!

May 21, 2020

In a bid to help people who struggles with life’s challenges, anytime, anywhere, Softimpact designed and developed a new trilingual mobile application for You Consult.

This mobile application will help people connect with a licensed therapist, and experience the most convenient, free of charge way to help a person change behavior and overcome problems in desired ways.


Users can create an account to open a live session with the therapist through the app and get the help they need from the palm of their hand regardless if it is an iOS or Android.

While doing live sessions, users can attach photos and send voice notes to the therapist to explain more about the situation.


Softimpact developed the application in a very user-interactive way to make it easier on the user to connect with the professionals.

Through the app, users will be also able to access information about health support, news, and information about ways to deal with life challenges.

Softimpact uses the latest development technologies and design trends and thrives to bring you the most vibrant and upbeat mobile applications to fit the needs of mobile users.


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