Softimpact designed and developed Barley Diner Website

Softimpact designed and developed Barley Diner Website

October 22, 2018

Barley Diner website which has been built from the ground up features two main engines:

1.    Product Catalogue System which allows Barley team to create unlimited food categories, products, ingredients pictures, videos, and prices.

2.    Document Engine in which unlimited menus, sections, pictures, and videos can be published.

Softimpact development team implemented a “Points System” where users have the ability to order online from Barley website.

How does it work?

1-       Create an account, or log in through Facebook.

2-       Visit Barley Diner and fill your account with points.

3-       Start using these points by ordering from the website.

The user can check his statement of account, and manage it through the website easily.

As the user surfs through this trendy and innovative online presence, he can enjoy the smooth navigation between food & beverage categories while selecting his favorite meal and having the option to customize it according to his preferences.

Why not come and dine in Barley’s restaurant where they have a wide range of tasty dishes which are sure to cater to all dietary needs?

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