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Softimpact officially announces the launch of its brand new website: Irshad & Islah

Softimpact officially announces the launch of its brand new website: Irshad & Islah

May 3, 2018

After two months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to officially announce the launch of our brand new website: Irshad & Islah.

The website URL is:

The goal of this website is to provide the visitors an easy way to learn about Irshad & Islah organization mission and also to allow the visitor to browse information based on their own choice.

Softimpact designed and developed an interactive website which provides an easy access to categories, such as: About Us, Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Family, Our Values, etc…

Amongst the new features, the website contains integrated social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to foster improved communication with the users.

Irshad & Islah organization will be constantly updating their content with helpful information, articles, blogs, newsletters, company announcements and client successes in the News section.

Softimpact development team implemented a dynamic service engine in which unlimited categories, sub-categories, and articles can be published. This engine allows the webmaster to update each of the sections accordingly.

Last but not least, Irshad & Islah invested in new digital method of fundraising to make it easier for people to donate.

The organization aims to serve children and teens by providing activities for educational, religious and community development.

Interested in having Softimpact design, develop and launch your own Website? Give us a call: 009611890888


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