21 tiny design features that show Apple's incredible attention to detail

21 tiny design features that show Apple's incredible attention to detail

April 21, 2016

Apple is known for its insane attention to detail. Often times, it's what sets Apple's products apart from the competition.

Some of these features are incredibly useful and make its products more enjoyable, while others are purely cosmetic. Regardless of the value they add to the overall experience, it's fascinating to learn about the lengths Apple goes to when it comes to design and product development.

Here are 21 of our favorite examples of Apple's obsession with detail. 

A "breathing" sleep light:

A smart fan that listens:


Watch the light's travel in Maps:


Smart caps:


The blooming flowers on your Apple Watch:


The half-mast favicon:


Hidden magnets:


The shine that guides you:


The reason you only sometimes see accept or decline buttons when receiving a call on your iPhone:


Hidden high-fidelity audio:

A tiny "Do Not Disturb" eclipse:

Volume and Brightness Bounce:

The way the Apple Watch's straps click into place so they're easy to change:


One-finger lift to open:


The floating jellyfish on your Apple Watch:


Predictive "Store" button:


Virtual reflections:


Fingerprint organization:


Rebound to unlock the Camera app:


The astronomy watch face on your Apple Watch:


Why it looks like the screen on your Apple Watch has no borders:



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